File Formats

JPEG: JPEG files compress the photos with the benefit of taking up much less space, but at the cost of lower quality photos and less editing abilities. TIFF: TIFF files are not compressed and are much easier to edit, but take up more space. RAW: RAW files are the best quality image, allowing for lots […]

5 Portrait Picture Tips

Follow the rule of thirds, it’s one of the first learned rules for good composition. Fill the frame to put the subject as the primary focus. Set the camera so that you capture images with a shallow depth of field. Photograph from different angles to demonstrate different perspective. Pay attention to the colors, a bright […]

Camera Modes

Automatic: This mode lets the camera adjust to the best settings. While it can work for getting nice pictures in many settings, the other modes are available to more clearly specify your needs to the camera. Portrait: This mode selects large aperture to create a shallow depth of field. The background is blurred, so that […]

Conceptual Self-Portrait

Conceptual relates or refers to mental concepts. It differs from logical thinking, which is linear and straightforward. Conceptual thinking is a focus on abstract thinking, such as philosophical and imaginary thoughts, to explain the world that cannot be proven or seen. The importance of conceptual thinking is that it sparks creativity, a major trait of […]